The 2-nd United Arkhangelsk Aviation Division

Vaskovo airport

2 АОАО - An-2


An-2 is the light transportation plane, piston single biplane with braced wing. It is the largest single engine biplane over the world for all history of aircraft.

The aircraft is fitted in different tasks and can be used in agriculture and transport version. It is equipped with necessary facilities: seats for passengers, locks and clamp wires for load retaining, suspension and release units, locks for stretcher fastening and insulating walls.

Ан-2 technical characteristics
2 members
Quantity of passengers
13 people
Length (in land position)
12,4 m
Height (in flight line)
5,35 m
General span of the top wing
18,17 m
General span of the bottom wing
14,23 m
Weight empty
3450 kg
Normal take-off mass
5250/5500 kg
1500 kg
Engine power (on taking-off mode)
1000 h.p.
Max speed
250 km/h
Cruising speed
190 km/h
Service ceiling
4500 m
990 km