The 2-nd United Arkhangelsk Aviation Division

Vaskovo airport

2 АОАО - History

Our history

The "2nd Arkhangelsk United Aviation Division", JSC took its name on the base of Order No. 70 dated July 16, 1965 signed by Director of North Department of Civil Aviation. Since that day the enterprise has kept its name after all changes and relocations.

At first the enterprise operated from Kegostrov airport. An-2, YaK-40 planes, Mi-4, Ka-15 helicopters landed on its rough airstrip providing transportation of passengers and cargo by air, aerotechnical works, performing flights on medicine service.

In 1968 Mi-8 and Mi-6 helicopters were supplied and mustered that significantly increased scope of operations and flight geography from Kola Peninsula till Tyumen’ and Nadym. In 1982 in the area of Vaskovo village new aerodrome complex of domestic air lines with paved runway was put into operation.

In 1986 operation of L-410-UVP-E new passenger planes manufactured in Czechoslovak republic began. The staff of the enterprise mastered these aircraft the first in the Country.

Operation of unique Mi-26 helicopters began in 1989. In the middle of 90th demand for transportation by air and application of aircraft in a national economy decreased. But in spite of “perestroika” fever in the Country the 2nd Arkhangelsk UAD has survived and kept up the main assets: fleet and highly-qualified personnel.