The 2-nd United Arkhangelsk Aviation Division

Vaskovo airport

2 АОАО - L-410UVP-E


L-410 is the universal twin-engine plane for domestic airlines. It has increased, relative to An-2 plane, speed, convenience and flight regularity, up-to-date avionic, providing performance of flights in heavy meteorological conditions in day and night and in any season.
The plane, as the base passenger variant for transportation of 19 persons, can be used in cargo, medicine, airplane mapping, patrol and fish survey variants.

L-410UVP-E technical characteristics


2 members

Quantity of passengers

19 people

Length (in land position)

14,42 m
Height (in flight line)
5,83 m
General span of wing
19,98 m
Weight empty
4050 kg
Normal take-off mass
6400 kg
1710 kg
2 x ТВД Motorlet (Walter) M 601Е
Engine power (on taking-off mode)
2 х 750 h.p.
Max speed
350 km/h
Cruising speed
330 km/h
Service ceiling
8400 m
1150 km