The 2-nd United Arkhangelsk Aviation Division

Vaskovo airport

2 АОАО - Ми-26Т


Mi-26 is multipurpose, wide-body transportation helicopter for air fright lift of cargo up to 20 tons both inside of cargo compartment and on a sling load.

Mi-26 helicopter - conventional helicopter with antitorque rotor. Power unite consists of two turbo-shaft engines Д-136.

Power specifications of the engine make it possible to use the helicopter in an effective way in wide range of altitudes and ambient air temperatures, also to perform forward flight and approach with one engine operative.

Design, equipment and systems of Mi-26 helicopter enable to operate it in day and night time in heavy weather conditions, over flatland, rolling country and mountains.

Operation of the helicopter is not required special ground support equipment (such as stepladders, since engine and transmission cowlings in open position are bridges) and the helicopter is capable to long-time and independent basing.

Airborne auxiliary power provides independent engines starting, power supply during cargo operations, test of aircraft equipment, air conditioning in the cockpit, heating and ventilation in the cargo compartment on the ground in the time of loading/unloading of vehicle.


Мi-26Т technical characteristics
6 members
Quantity of passengers
4 people
Length (with rotating wings)
40,03 m
Height (with rotating steering rotor)
11,6 m
Diameter of main rotor
32 m
Weight empty
28150 kg
Normal take-off mass
49500 kg
Max take-off mass
56000 kg
2 х ГТД Д-136
Engine power (on taking-off mode)
2 х 10000 h.p.
Max speed
270 km/h
Cruising speed
235 km/h
Service ceiling
6500 m
1920 km